I have extensive teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. My main teaching interests are in British politics, international relations and foreign policy analysis.


In 2015 I was awarded the LSE Student-Led Teaching Award for Sharing Subject Knowledge. I was one of eight LSE staff members recognized in this manner, out of over five hundred nominees from a teaching staff of over three thousand. A student-led panel selected award winners from amongst staff nominated by their students.

I was awarded class teaching prizes by the LSE International Relations Department in 2014 and 2016. I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education and I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

I have only one inviolable rule I expect my students to follow: They must challenge everything they are told. Especially if it is told to them by a white man in a position of institutional authority. One day I will get a response to this rule other than “OK!” followed by everyone writing down what I just told them. One day…


I presently convene two second-year undergraduate modules on British Politics: POL260 Power and Legitimacy in British Politics, and POL253 Accountability and Complexity in British Government.

I am currently developing a new second-year undergraduate module on Foreign Policy Analysis.

I have previously taught the following courses:

Research students: Workshop in Foreign Policy.

Taught graduate Students: Lectures in the domestic politics of foreign policy and British foreign policy, seminars in International Politics and Foreign Policy Analysis.

Undergraduate Students: Queen Mary’s second-year undergraduate module on British Politics. Queen Mary’s first-year undergraduate modules on Global Histories and Introduction into Politics. LSE’s core second-year undergraduate module on Foreign Policy Analysis. Lectures in British foreign policy, seminars in Foreign Policy Analysis.

Guest lectures, etc.


I have given guest lectures at the LSE, Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, the University of Edinburgh, Loughborough University, Regent’s University, London and the University of Miami.

In April 2017 I took part in a panel discussion marking the publication of my new book, Public Opinion, Legitimacy and Tony Blair’s War in Iraq.

In November 2015 I took part in a panel discussion on Jeremy Corbyn’s foreign policy alongside Professor Mary Kaldor, Professor Toby Dodge and the journalist Peter Oborne.

I also gave a guest presentation on the grand strategy of the United Kingdom at the LSE IR Department’s annual away weekend at Cumberland Lodge in November 2014, and participated in a roundtable discussion on 21st century warfare at the 2015 weekend.

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