Me today

I have experience as a commentator for both print and broadcast media. I also contribute to external blogs from time to time. I don’t usually pull quite such terrible expressions, honest.

Media appearances

In 2015 I spoke to Chatham House about my article on Britain’s war powers.

In 2014 I was interviewed about British involvement in military action against ISIS by Al-Jazeera English and the New York Times.

Sky NewsI was also interviewed about Britain’s role in the world by Sky News and Le Figaro.

Al JazeeraIn 2013 I was interviewed about delays to the Chilcot Report by Al-Jazeera English and The Independent, 2013. My sister tried to get me to shave off the beard. I didn’t.

Blog posts

I am a regular contributor to the LSE British Politics and Policy Blog:

I also occasionally post on the Political Studies Association insight blog:

I also published a review of Jamie Gaskarth’s British Foreign Policy in the LSE Review of Books in 2013.

Alumni relations

Away from academia, I am a trustee of the Tiffinian Association, the alumni group for former students and friends of Tiffin School.

In March 2014 I gave a talk to the LSE Alumni Association Toronto Chapter on the future of western intervention.

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