Upcoming LSE alumni talks in the US

10628209_10101008749425229_8370433701415788633_n (1)
I’ll be giving two talks at LSE Alumni events in the US during April. Both will build upon my research on UK foreign policy from a role-theoretic perspective as well as my recent contribution to an International Studies Association roundtable on Britain’s role in the 21st century world, and a talk I gave to officers and NCOs from 10 Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistics Regiment a couple of months ago.

My title is “The death of greatness? Britain’s role in the 21st century world order”. In the talk I discuss how Britain’s involvement in international conflict since the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, combined with its experience of financial crisis, economic recession and fiscal austerity since 2008, have led to a likely permanent collapse in its ability to play an active great power role in the world. In particular, I will emphasize the politicization of UK foreign policy due to the introduction of parliamentary veto powers into major military deployment decisions, echoing my International Affairs article from last year but also building on it.

I’ll be in Chicago on 7 April 2016 and Washington DC on 12 April 2016. Both events are open to all, though non-LSE alumni will be charged $10 to attend. Please book through the Alumni and Friends of LSE website!


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